Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tonight : Deerhoof @ Mohawk

Deerhoof has long been a favorite band of the blog and (we think) for good reason. They're smart, they're funny, they're innovative, and to top it all off, they're great musicians. They blend all of those qualities into quirky songs that make you stand up and take notice and even if you aren't too sure if you like it, you'll probably ask "Who's this?" when you hear them playing and aren't quite sure. They baffle a lot of listeners but for those who understand the band, it makes a lot of sense. You can see all this at work (and at play) this evening at Mohawk when the band takes the stage. Doors open early for this one and the temperatures are supposed to be very low tonight so chances are the venue might change or something else not scheduled but we'll keep you updated if that does happen.

Video : Deerhoof - "Chandelier Searchlight"

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