Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday : Joanna Newsom Plays Paramount Theater

(photo by Annabel Mehran)

2010 found Joanna Newsom with an amazing, expansive new album, Have One on Me, and a new vocal style. Apparently, Newsom had some sort of nodules built up on her vocals chords that left her unable to speak or sing for quite some time and the new vocal style we hear on Have One on Me is a result. Thank God she didn't stop singing and playing music because the new album, spanning 3 CDs and 3 discs on vinyl, is one of the year's best. He voice is as clear as a bell and more listenable for some. Her songs are winding and a well-rounded experience in both their composition and their subject matter.

Newsom will take the stage at Paramount Theater on Thursday, November 11. She is full of smiles on stage and what better way can you think of to spend a Thursday night than with that beautiful voice and that beautiful harp playing? Tickets are still available and are relatively cheap for a show at the beautiful Paramount.

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