Friday, October 08, 2010

The Grizzly Life's Custom Picks for Saturday - ACL 2010

ACL 2010 - Saturday

Saturday's line up is marred with schedule conflicts, but with a little clever planning, you can make the best of it. Starting the day with Austin's Balmorhea is an easy choice. The band puts on a great show and I feel like they should have a higher billing. If you can't make a decision between First Aid Kit and The Very Best, my suggestion would be to camp out for Bear in Heaven. The band's latest album, Beast Rest Forth Mouth, will be on our best of 2010 list and their performance has to be worth waiting for.

Mayer Hawthorne and The Black Lips play at the same time and if you like something a bit easier to listen to, Mayer Hawthorne is the place for you. The Black Lips will definitely put on a crowd pleasing, probably weird show, so if that's your thing, get out to the stage and enjoy their performance.

Local Natives and The xx are must-see bands on our list. Local Natives put on a great show and are sure to get the crowd on their side in no time. The crowd will more than likely not be familiar with their material but when the gates close on Saturday night, most who catch their performance will head home and download Gorilla Manor, the band's debut LP. While The xx are more than likely not best seen in a huge festival setting, they seldom play shows in these parts, so check them out while you can.

Monsters of Folk take the stage during The xx's performance, but their two hour set time will give you plenty of time to see a bit of both. If folk isn't really your thing, LCD Soundsystem might do the trick and they'd be a great band to end the day with. If you still haven't gotten your fill, the choice between the lesser of two... lesser acts, would be M.I.A. Muse is a high-flying, big budget act with soaring, epic songs. M.I.A. has been on a bit of a down-slope since her huge radio success with "Paper Planes" and I wouldn't be surprised if she chose to avoid the song altogether. Still, I'd be more interested to see her performance.

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