Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review & Photos : Julie Doiron and Bowerbirds @ Mohawk

If anything can be said of the show featuring Julie Doiron and Bowerbirds, it is that both acts are endearing and play music reflecting that. Doiron was clearly happy to be playing music, unlike some of the acts that come through town. She was giddy and smiling through the whole performance and interacted with the crowd like they were her hometown audience, full of friends who had seen her play a million times before. At one point in the night, she said this show felt like her first, as if she had just started out, but she played it like a veteran of the road.

Bowerbirds played a sometimes quiet, sometimes rousing set that seemed to please the almost-full crowd at Mohawk. The crowd sang along and looked up at the band with adoration throughout the entire set. Doiron and her guitar player came back on stage for an encore that ended the show in a way unique to these kinds of shows where bands who are also friends tour together.

Photos : Julie Doiron and Bowerbirds @ Mohawk
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