Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Review & Photos : Girls @ Waterloo Records / Girls @ The Parish with Magic Kids and The Smith Westerns

It's hard to tell if Girls will be able to keep the momentum that has been following them, but there's no doubt that they are here and people are taking notice. The crowd at the free in-store on Friday evening at Waterloo Records was a big indication that Girls have taken off in a big way. The record store was practically filled to capacity (at least all the spots worth viewing the stage from were filled) despite the band showing up half and hour late and I haven't seen that since the in-stores at SXSW. I'm not quite sure I've ever seen a crowd exhibit such zen-like patience for a short-by-design record store show but it payed off. The band played several of their Album crowd-pleasers and signed autographs after their set.

I honestly didn't expect the band's show at The Parish to sell out and neither did a lot of the people who were there. The line started forming a good hour before the doors opened and fans took their places at the front of the stage as soon as they were let upstairs into the venue.

The Smith Westerns kicked everything off with their nostalgia-filled garage/punk sounds and were certainly a pleasing last-minute addition to the bill. The baby-faced members of the band look so young that a few girls in the crowd spent a good deal of time trying to figure out exactly how old they are.

Magic Kids played a more than interesting set. I'm not even sure what the band has released but when they get a few good reviews under their belts, they are sure to get some kind of a following. They took a good deal of time to set up but their performance didn't even feel that technical. At the end of the set, the stage was covered in water and it was hard to find someone without a smile.

This particular show was a special one for Girls frontman Christopher Owens. He said his mother was in attendance and this show was the first time she had seen him play since he was about 16. He must have done her proud by playing in front of a sold-out crowd in the music capital. The crowd was singing along to the songs from Album and taking in all the new material the band played throughout the set.

Girls @ Waterloo Records
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Girls / Magic Kids / The Smith Westerns @ The Parish
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