Thursday, February 25, 2010

Review & Photos : Akron/Family and Warpaint @ The Parish

The Akron/Family and Warpaint show at The Parish last night was the most fun I've had at a concert in a good while. The level of energy and joy in playing music these two bands exhibited hasn't been seen in a long time. Both bands were clearly enjoying themselves and that energy rubbed off on the crowd in the best possible way.

Warpaint played one of the longest opening sets I've ever seen and they were incredible. Their mixing of different genres works well and they do it better than most bands who attempt the same. The crowd was extremely receptive to the band's sound and they were the perfect opener for Akron/Family. I would go so far as to say the band almost served as a second headliner and some in the crowd felt the same way.

Akron/Family truly enjoy making and playing music and that seeps out of their performance. They engaged the crowd batter than most bands and had everyone smiling throughout their performance. Their set was well-balanced between fun-loving sing-alongs and noisier songs that found the crowd closing their eyes and drifting off. The highlight of the show, spectacle-wise, was the breaking of one of the largest pinatas known to man in celebration of Stella Mogzawa's (she plays drums in Warpaint) birthday. It was full of candy and confetti that showered the crowd and surely made for an unforgettable concert-going experience. Scroll through the photos for all the action.

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