Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review & Photos : Spoon @ Waterloo Records

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Austin and Spoon only added to it with what I believe was the first-ever Waterloo Records in-store held in the parking lot. The official quote said the lot held 1400 at capacity and there must have been that many people in attendance. Folks were seated on the lot as early 11:30 a.m. according to a few on the front row. The weather was certainly in favor of an outside show and it couldn't have been much better. While the crowd was facing the sun, most made due and enjoyed the set. The crowd even spilled out onto the sidewalks surrounding Waterloo as spectators chose that particular spot over the crowded parking lot. Britt Daniel and crew ran through their most recent release, Transference, and a few older favorites during their hour-long set that featured a crowd-pleasing encore. Someone in the audience took the time to shout the question, "How's the weather in Portland?", to which Daniel responded, "I wouldn't know. We've been hanging out here." Some probably have a bit of animosity towards Spoon for uprooting to Portland but they weren't playing a free show to 1400 people in Portland, now were they?

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