Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Former Ghosts Video : 'Flowers'

After making our favorite album of 2009, Fleurs, it stands to reason that Former Ghosts would make one of the weirder videos we've ever seen. The video for "Flowers" was directed by Paul Rodriguez and is described by him in the following way:
“The video has everything I love: home made weapons, a chola, piss play, night time, fun neighborhoods, dead things, pretty things, a girl crying, bondage, and people being choked,” saysRodriguez. “The video process started months ago when I was in forbidden woods in a remote part of Texas. There was no deer or river so I left. After I heard the song the first thing I though of was L.A. at night, and then it progressed to evil stuff. So I began to drive around at night and write based upon the locations I saw (the actual places not what people we doing there). Production highlights include: watching a pregnant teenage girl buying drugs, trying to shoot at Skid Row at 3am only to start a small riot, Freddy randomly finding us on the street shooting in downtown, pulling a new underage chola off the street when my original chola went missing, and not going to jail.

Yeah. It's definitely worth a watch and a listen, definitely weird, and definitely not safe for work.

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