Friday, January 29, 2010

Review & Photos : The Fiery Furnaces and Drug Rug @ The Parish

The Fiery Furnaces played a rousing set featuring songs and sounds from all over the map. Songs were blended into one another and would change tempos at breakneck speed, keeping their audience on their toes. Their live sets have been known to be drastically different from their records and that's what Austin got at The Parish this Thursday night.

Jason Loewensten and Rod D'Amico, along with Matthew Friedberger, soaked the music in an intensity that gives their live show the unique quality that makes the ticket price worth it. Matthew Friedberger ditched the piano for this tour and focused all of his energy into playing the guitar, which he does exceptionally well. If he wasn't so good at it, I would say stick to the piano, but his guitar playing matched the heaping amounts of bass and drums perfectly. Eleanor Friedberger has a commanding stage presence and a 1,000 yard stare that could make someone at the back of the club fall in love or crumble to their feet (or both).

The band's songs were pulled from all over their catalogue (if my ears serve me) but the songs that got the best reaction were those whose rock elements shone through and hit the crowd square in the chest. The band played a lengthy encore, in which the first song, "Waiting To Know You", was played exclusively by the Friedberger siblings, with Eleanor on drums and Matthew on guitar and vocals. The length of the encore was a bit surprising but it was well-deserved and the crowd wasn't complaining.

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Agreesies, such an awesome day and awesome show.
Excellent pics. I like your blog.

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