Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two People Arrested After Attempting to Fight Jay Reatard

I wake up this morning, check my Facebook, and a friend of mine has recounted last night's festivities at the Jay Reatard show I missed and the end result does not come as a surprise.

According to Austin 360:
While the set had all the makings of a fun night of pop-punk, it was sadly abridged at only 40 minutes — less than the opening performance by Austin’s own Harlem — after two rowdy fans attacked Reatard on-stage shortly after he announced he was playing the night’s final song. He retaliated by swinging his microphone stand and departed mid-song, giving the at-times rambunctious audience the finger as he exited the stage. There was to be no encore — the lights went up and the PA music kicked in as the two intruding fans were arrested by police outside the club’s Sixth Street entrance.
Who knows what motivated these guys, but whatever it was, but I'm just surprised they thought they might get away with something. Just sit back and enjoy the show. If you didn't like the performance, leave, don't fight someone! Let's hope he keeps coming back to Austin and takes this as an anomaly.

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