Friday, November 06, 2009

Tonight : Pre- Fun Fun Fun Fest Parties!!!

It is the eve of Fun Fun Fun Fest and we couldn't be more excited. There are a ton of amazing things going on tonight in Austin and if you're going to be sitting at home, get your asses out there and do something fun!

First off, the good guys of Eets Feats will be playing at the Rancho Relaxo house witha bunch of other bands, and they are always worth your time. Rumor has it, they will have some freshly recorded material to hand out for free. You're going to want to ge
t on that.
Next up, presents The Hood Internet over at Beauty Bar with a bunch of other acts playing.
Last but certainly not least, the dudes of Learning Secrets will be playing with Best Fwends, Totally Michael and a special DJ set from Yeasayer. It's pretty hard to beat that one.

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