Friday, September 18, 2009

Review & Photos : Eets Feats and The Beets @ Lamar Pedestrian Bridge

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Eets Feats, newcomers to the Austin music scene, and The Beets, hailing from New York, made an interesting spectacle on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge (Pfluger Bridge, whatever) Thursday. Set up by Eets Feats, the guerilla-style performance set up over Lady Bird Lake with downtown in sight went on without a hitch to those not behind the scenes. Teetering on cancellation due to inadequate communication between the bands (a case of phone tag) and the looming threat of rain, there was almost no show. Thankfully, it didn't rain, didn't get shut down by the cops, and had a great built-in audience with the Thursday Night Social Ride crowd showing up early for the ride to catch the bands.

Eets Feats played their first Austin show to a receptive crowd and for an impromptu show, the band did a fantastic job of showcasing their multi-instrument round-robin style of playing. Each member switched off between guitars, drums, and vocal parts to give their music (and their playing style) a needed aspect that makes their music unique. Austin is lacking in local bands that can bring out the crowd Eets Feats is appealing to, and I will leave it up to you to make your own decision about them and listen to their music. The Beets showed up shortly after Eets Feats finished up and made haste to set up their instruments and get playing before the ride left. A surprising number of the riders gathered around to check out the band and, despite some technical problems, the band played a really great set.

Austin honestly needs more shows on the bridge. They allow people to come to bridge to seek out the bands and watch them play for free and they also allow the random passers-by that run, jog, bike, and walk the bridge to get caught up in something they wouldn't normally see. Getting bands out of venues and playing free shows is something we should strive for. The whole DIY movement is very inspiring and we can take it to the bridge to make the music scene that much more vibrant. I am personally hoping to see many more shows set up on the bridge and if we here at The Grizzly Life can be a vehicle to make that happen, we would be intensely pleased.

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