Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Wavves : 'Cool Jumper' (featuring Zach Hill)

When we first heard about the impending collaboration between Nathan Williams of Wavves and drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill, we were a little taken aback. Williams is kind of luke-warm at times, but he has his moments of brilliance. Hill is a stunningly technical and consistently talented musician, so the contrast between the two names could come off a bit funny, but it seems that their first song together could dispel all that skepticism. In a blog post, Williams linked to a Wavves song entitled "Cool Jumper" and tagged Zach Hill in the post. Throughout the song, the drumming isn't too technical, but it ramps up towards the end. Otherwise, the song comes off as a successful attempt at the collaboration between a seasoned vet and a fast-rising rookie.

In other news, Wavves will be in town at Emo's on October 10th.

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