Saturday, July 11, 2009

Looking To Skip A Show Tonight? Make It This One

"The Germs" will be making their way to Austin tonight, but I am putting their name in quotes because the band just isn't the same with an actor taking the place of Darby Crash, doing his best impersonation of a legendary fixture in the original American punk scene. Since "reuniting" with actor Shane West, the man who played Crash in the silver-screen chronicle of The Germs entitled What We Do Is Secret, West (who costarred with Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember) has taken Crash's place as frontman of the band and has been impersonating and frankly ripping off Crash in a stomach-churning way. Bands like this one should stay in time in which they came to life. It happened and it ended, and the band should have stayed away. I can't help but question the motives of the original members of the band and I really hate that I have to.

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