Thursday, July 09, 2009

Greg Ginn to Play with Dirty Projectors Next Week

If we weren't already excited enough for the Dirty Projectors show next week (7/12) the excitement was heightened when Greg Ginn, founding Black Flag member and head of SST Records, was added to the bill. Ginn, a Taylor, TX transplant, will be making the short trip down I-35 to either open for or play with the band (hopefully both). Things could, and probably will get interesting since the band covered much of Black Flag's seminal album Damaged on their 2007 release Rise Above.

Here's what Ginn had to say about Rise Above in an Austin Chronicle article from May 23, 2008:

OTR: What are your thoughts on the Dirty Projectors' interpretation of Black Flag’s Damaged?
GG: I read something about it and I’ve heard a few songs, but I don’t know really. I’m really tired of the whole postmodern irony in independent music. It started with post-punk, everything had to be hyper-ironic. Everything had to be clever, this or that concept. That stuff can be entertaining, but I guess I’m more interested in hearing someone do something coming from them, that isn’t a trick of the media or perception. I don’t know what their intentions are, but it hasn’t really caught my interest much because I automatically throw it into this postmodern pile. I’m just tired of it, I guess.

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