Friday, July 31, 2009

Enter to Win Space Available Tickets for M. Ward's ACL Taping

If you've ever seen him play live, you know that M. Ward has quite a knack for making you feel like you're watching some super secret private performance. That being said, you actually can see a semi-secret, very intimate (minus all the television cameras) performance when Ward tapes his Austin City Limits performance next Wednesday, August 5th at 8 p.m. Enter to win a pair of space available tickets by following the link. If you don't make the cut for the taping, M. Ward will also be performing in a slightly less intimate, yet still just as satisfying show at Antone's on Tuesday, August 4th.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friday : The Dicks & others @ Emo's

By now, The Dicks are legendary on the Austin punk front, but shouldn't they have a more wide-spread following by now? That being said, the band has not given up, even after a long hiatus that lasted from 1986 to 2004 (the band formed in 1980) and are still playing shows here in town and their next is on Friday night at Emo's.

The Dicks : "Hate the Police" (set to the Rodney King video):

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review & Photos : Castanets and Tiny Vipers @ Mohawk

Having seen a multitude of live shows in the past few years, it has become very apparent that some bands are better live than they are on record (this also applies for the other way around). That may be the case with Castanets. Ray Raposa is a good song writer, but sometimes those songs don't translate as well as they should on record. That being said, when he's on, he's on, and he's pretty on in the live setting. Raposa took some liberties with his back catalogue, changing up arrangements and adding subtle nuances to give the songs a more unique aspect for the live setting.

Tiny Vipers (aka Jesy Fortino) opened with some of the best song writing I have heard in a while. The songs were lengthy and seemed like they never ended. In fact, it was hard to tell when one song stopped and another song began, but the set was beautifully woven together with these meandering, effortless compositions. It was hard to believe that she was able to accomplish all of this, what most bands try so hard to get at, all by herself, but she was doing it very well.

Get the flash player here:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tonight : Castanets, Tiny Vipers, and more @ Mohawk

If you have a penchant for all things good, Mohawk is the place to be this evening. Things kick off around 10 p.m., with a solid lineup of Lazarus, Tiny Vipers, Warmer Milks, and Castanets rounding things off.

Tiny Vipers : "On This Side" - from Burn To Shine 5

Castanets : "Cathedral 4"/"Sway" - A Take Away Show

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Fiery Furnaces Video : 'Charmaine Champagne'

The Fiery Furnaces are back with a new release, I'm Going Away, and as their most recent video for the song "Charmaine Champagne" proves, the band is back with that same off-kilter, borderline personality disorder sound you've come to know and love. The video is somewhat reminiscent of the illustrations from a young-adult fiction book crossed with a more mature version of Sesame Street.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beastie Boys Cancel Dates Due to Cancer Scare

The Beastie Boys have canceled their upcoming tour dates and pushed back the release date for their forthcoming album. In a video posted on youtube, Adam Yauch, aka MCA, explains that he has been diagnosed with a form of cancer in his salivary gland. He explains that it is very treatable and jokes that at least it won't affect his vocal chords. That being said, the band was scheduled to play Austin City Limits music festival on its first day and that date has been cancelled. The band was also set to perform for the ACL television show and we can only guess that the television performance will be cancelled, but hopefully rescheduled for a later date.

Here's the video:


In related news, the ACL schedule has been posted for your viewing and scheduling pleasure. With the Beastie Boys out, its only a matter of time before the schedule shifts and another band is added. We will let you know when that happens.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Atlas Sound : 'Walkabout' (feat. Noah Lennox)

Of course a song by these two would sound incredible, but Bradford Cox (aka Atlas Sound) and Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) have teamed up for the song "Walkabout", which will be on Cox's forthcoming Atlas Sound album Logos (out October 20th on Kranky). The song features the keys from the song "What Am I Going To Do?" by The Dovers. Atlas Sound will be back in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest.

(Check out The Fader for more)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Fun Fun Fun Fest '09 Acts Added

The updates keep coming, slowly but surely, and before you know it, Fun Fun Fun Fest will be back for another glorious November weekend. But until then, you can savor the lineup updates as they roll in. Today, the fest announced that GZA, Why?, and Melt Banana have been added to the lineup. If the pattern continues, we will have so much to look forward to and so many scheduling conflicts to work out. Check the updates over at the FFFfest Line Up Leaks Mainframe of at their Twitter page.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stream The Dodo's New Album 'Time To Die' Right Now

The new album from The Dodos isn't set for a physical release until September 15th of this year, but you can hear the album right this very second thanks to Frenchkiss Records. In hopes of staving off the leakers, the album is available for you to listen to on Give it a go! The band will be back in Austin to play Austin City Limits this October.

Tomorrow : Dirty Projectors @ Red 7 : SOLD OUT

As of yesterday, tomorrow's Dirty Projectors show with Greg Ginn is sold out. For those of you who waited too long to get tickets, you know what to do.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Looking To Skip A Show Tonight? Make It This One

"The Germs" will be making their way to Austin tonight, but I am putting their name in quotes because the band just isn't the same with an actor taking the place of Darby Crash, doing his best impersonation of a legendary fixture in the original American punk scene. Since "reuniting" with actor Shane West, the man who played Crash in the silver-screen chronicle of The Germs entitled What We Do Is Secret, West (who costarred with Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember) has taken Crash's place as frontman of the band and has been impersonating and frankly ripping off Crash in a stomach-churning way. Bands like this one should stay in time in which they came to life. It happened and it ended, and the band should have stayed away. I can't help but question the motives of the original members of the band and I really hate that I have to.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tonight : Fader Presents - Major Laser, Matt & Kim, A-Track and more!

Yes yes yes! This one is free and all that so just get down there extra early as this place is supposed to hold a tiny amount of people and there should be a huge number of folks clamoring to get into this one.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Greg Ginn to Play with Dirty Projectors Next Week

If we weren't already excited enough for the Dirty Projectors show next week (7/12) the excitement was heightened when Greg Ginn, founding Black Flag member and head of SST Records, was added to the bill. Ginn, a Taylor, TX transplant, will be making the short trip down I-35 to either open for or play with the band (hopefully both). Things could, and probably will get interesting since the band covered much of Black Flag's seminal album Damaged on their 2007 release Rise Above.

Here's what Ginn had to say about Rise Above in an Austin Chronicle article from May 23, 2008:

OTR: What are your thoughts on the Dirty Projectors' interpretation of Black Flag’s Damaged?
GG: I read something about it and I’ve heard a few songs, but I don’t know really. I’m really tired of the whole postmodern irony in independent music. It started with post-punk, everything had to be hyper-ironic. Everything had to be clever, this or that concept. That stuff can be entertaining, but I guess I’m more interested in hearing someone do something coming from them, that isn’t a trick of the media or perception. I don’t know what their intentions are, but it hasn’t really caught my interest much because I automatically throw it into this postmodern pile. I’m just tired of it, I guess.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tonight : Abe Vigoda @ Emo's

Abe Vigoda 7

It seems that Abe Vigoda just can't get enough touring in. They have been here several times since last year (that I can remember) and they're back again tonight at Emo's. Things kick off around 10 PM with Loser Life and Talbot Tagora starting things off. Tickets are a measly $8, so get on out there!

Friday, July 03, 2009

This Weekend : So Much to Do!

(photo: Trey Ratcliff)

You have no excuse not to get out and do something this Fourth of July weekend. Go buy some fireworks from some stand off I-35 and then go hit up one of these great shows.

Saturday, July 4th
- Explosions in the Sky, Octopus Project, and Wooden Birds @ Stubb's
- Henry Rollins and others @ Emo's (Van's Warped Tour Party)

Sunday, July 5th
- Bill Callahan and Follow That Bird @ The Parish

Any of those shows would be worth your time and money to go see. Explosions in the Sky are celebrating their 10-year anniversary as a band and are doing it in style, right here in their sort-of-hometown at Stubb's, to the people who love them the most (fact). The show is sold-out, but there are always those few people on Craigslist with a ticket or two to sell you, if you don't mind paying a premium. Henry Rollins will be in town for a Van's Warped Tour party and will presumably be talking about a few things at Emo's this Saturday. If you find yourself angry at the country on this Fourth of July, just go see him talk and I'm sure you will be surrounded by like-minded people. After that hangover is, well, over, go see Bill Callahan return to Austin at The Parish after a tour of the states. I'm sure he has some stories to tell and of course, some songs to sing.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tonight : The Poppets @ Club 1808

The Poppets, a garage/pop-punk/lo-fi Swedish duo will be making their live show US debut tonight, right here in our fair city at Club 1808 with Love Collector. The club is kind of sketchy to be honest with you, but it should be fun, so if you're looking for something to do, put this one at the top of your list. However, if you miss them this time around, the band will also wind up their first US tour right where is started. On July 25th the band will be back in town at Beerland, so if you are otherwise engaged tonight, you can catch them later in the month!

Tonight : Patrick Wolf @ Antone's, Nylon Summer Music Tour

Ring in the new month with Patrick Wolf in all of his post-retirement #1 eccentricities at Antone's this evening. Wolf will be in Austin as part of Nylon's Summer Music Tour along with Living Things, Plasticines, and Jaguar Love. Doors open at 6 PM and things will kick off around 7, so it'll be an early night!