Monday, June 22, 2009

St. Vincent @ The ACL Studios

St. Vincent ACL Program and Stub

Now in its 35th season, the Austin City Limits program has inspired a lot of people around the country and the world (including yours truly) to give live music another look. We are so pleased to live in a city that caters to live music and the Austin City Limits tapings are one of the best ways to experience something truly unique to this town. Pretty soon, the tapings will be moving from the small, intimate studio located on the UT campus to a much larger-capacity (not massive, though) swanky studio located downtown somewhere, so shows like this past Saturday's taping of St. Vincent are a dying breed. I will hate to see the studio move, but the city is changing and it really hasn't come as a surprise. At least more people can get in now...

Anyway, the experience of attending an ACL taping is something one should have checked off their list of things to do in Austin sooner than later, and with the 35th season's tapings in full-effect, this fall will be a promising one with tapings from bands like Sonic Youth and Beastie Boys. With the studio moving soon, this may be the last chance to catch bands that big in a studio that small. The St. Vincent taping was an interesting one to observe because she does not have the same level of "fame" as many of the other artists who have been taped (not that it matters) but folks were lined up well in advance of the 5 PM start time to pass out the space-available tickets. Some in the line were there because they were excited to see St. Vincent and others were there solely for the experience of the taping. The taping was a treat for all in attendance, although I was personally hoping for more. Yes, I know she is riding the wave of a recently released album, but I am more partial to the dark wit of her first album's songs. The new music has much more depth to it, which is certainly better for a national television audience, but the "old" songs are something else. She did play a couple of oldies, starting the set off with "Marry Me" (which she played twice, once in the encore) and slipping a revamped version of "Your Lips Are Red" in towards the end. With her backing band, the new material from Actor had a full-bodied sound and was better than any of the other backing-band set-ups we've seen her perform with. All in all, the ACL taping experience was highly enjoyable and one not to be missed (St. Vincent was good too...).


Joseph said...

This was a really nice post, Trent. Well-written and with a audible voice. I would love to see this taping. Miss you.

Trent Lesikar said...

Thanks brother. Miss you too!