Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buy Elliott Smith's 1999 Passat for $4,000, Help Austin's SIMS Foundation

(photo: Len Irish)

According to Pitchfork, this Craigslist ad for a 1999 VW Passat used to belong to Elliott Smith (RIP) and can be yours for the meager sum of $4,000. It is plausible that the car is his, since his grandparents live in the Dallas area, so if you're a huge fan or just in need of a good car, it wouldn't hurt to go have a look at it. The author of the post, Smith's brother relative (if this was in fact Smith's car), states, "It was my brother's, who was a musician himself. He's no longer with us and I think he'd be happy to know that the sale of his car will help other musicians in need." He The author goes on to say, "This car means the world to me and has a very interesting story to tell. Music buffs might get a kick out of knowing who used to own their 'new' car." The car does have some minor flaws and would "need a little bit of work to pass inspection," but the price seems fairly reasonable and would go to an excellent, local cause.

The SIMS Foundation helps local musicians by providing low-cost mental health and addiction recovery services to Austin musicians and their families. The author of the post claims that all of the proceeds from the sale will go to the foundation and also says that you can take the check there yourself or that they will show you the receipt for the donation.
Update: According to Pitchfork, a Kill Rock Stars representative confirmed that his sister is selling the car and that it in fact was his. Sorry for my inaccurate reporting earlier and if you are his sister and left me a comment in this post, sorry!


Jaberwocki said...

What makes you think it's a "he" writing it? And yes, this is legit. Can't prove it, don't need to.

Trent Lesikar said...

Well I thought the author mentioned that they were a 'he' in the post, but I guess I was mistaken! Sorry!

Jaberwocki said...

'sok. :) NME got it wrong too. Thanks for the mention, though. All this publicity has really freaked me out on a personal level, but on a whole other level, it's been really good for the SIMS Foundation, which is fantastic. It's a great charity, helping out musicians, and I couldn't be happier to accidentally have something to do with spreading the word about them.