Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Dirty Projectors Video : 'Stillness is the Move'

Dirty Projectors will be coming around our parts later this month and we are more than happy to have them come. Until then, we can watch Dave Longstreth and crew hang out in the mountains. He's leading a llama through the trails and spinning around on a lazy-susan whilst playing guitar, and there is a dance scene with lots of harem pants? Yeah, its pretty good.

Dirty Projectors will be playing at Red 7 on July 15th as an after-show for the Tortoise show earlier that night.

Fun Fun Fun Fest Announcements!

We've been missing Fun Fun Fun Fest ever since the gates at Waterloo Park closed on Sunday of 2008's incarnation of the festival and while it is still a few months away, we're finally getting some news on the artist front. The first announcement through the gates was Jesus Lizard, and that was a big one, but we've got a couple of new bands to look forward to. Thus far, we know that Atlas Sound, Broadcast, and The King Khan & BBQ Show will be playing the festival this year. Hopefully, the next announcement will be even better (they haven't let us down with the line-up yet), and as always, we will let you know just as soon as the announcement comes!

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Wavves Video : 'No Hope Kids'

Here's a new Wavves video for the song "No Hope Kids", one of Nathan Williams's better songs. The dude had a slight meltdown a little while ago at a Barcelona show, and according to an interview with Pitchfork, he's doing better now and even plotting something with Zach Hill, drummer extraordinaire. We will be interested to see how that pans out and we already have some preconceived notions, but only time will tell!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buy Elliott Smith's 1999 Passat for $4,000, Help Austin's SIMS Foundation

(photo: Len Irish)

According to Pitchfork, this Craigslist ad for a 1999 VW Passat used to belong to Elliott Smith (RIP) and can be yours for the meager sum of $4,000. It is plausible that the car is his, since his grandparents live in the Dallas area, so if you're a huge fan or just in need of a good car, it wouldn't hurt to go have a look at it. The author of the post, Smith's brother relative (if this was in fact Smith's car), states, "It was my brother's, who was a musician himself. He's no longer with us and I think he'd be happy to know that the sale of his car will help other musicians in need." He The author goes on to say, "This car means the world to me and has a very interesting story to tell. Music buffs might get a kick out of knowing who used to own their 'new' car." The car does have some minor flaws and would "need a little bit of work to pass inspection," but the price seems fairly reasonable and would go to an excellent, local cause.

The SIMS Foundation helps local musicians by providing low-cost mental health and addiction recovery services to Austin musicians and their families. The author of the post claims that all of the proceeds from the sale will go to the foundation and also says that you can take the check there yourself or that they will show you the receipt for the donation.
Update: According to Pitchfork, a Kill Rock Stars representative confirmed that his sister is selling the car and that it in fact was his. Sorry for my inaccurate reporting earlier and if you are his sister and left me a comment in this post, sorry!

Former Ghosts to Tour in October

Former Ghosts, a project featuring Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu, Freddy Ruppert of This Song Is A Mess But So Am I, and Nika Rosa of Zola Jesus, is set to tour this October, minus one band member. Jamie Stewart and Freddy Rupert will be hitting the road this fall on a tour of the states and Canada in order to support their album, which will be coming out sometime in the near future. We couldn't be more excited and we will be the first to let you know if an Austin date will be included in the tour plans.

Monday, June 22, 2009

St. Vincent @ The ACL Studios

St. Vincent ACL Program and Stub

Now in its 35th season, the Austin City Limits program has inspired a lot of people around the country and the world (including yours truly) to give live music another look. We are so pleased to live in a city that caters to live music and the Austin City Limits tapings are one of the best ways to experience something truly unique to this town. Pretty soon, the tapings will be moving from the small, intimate studio located on the UT campus to a much larger-capacity (not massive, though) swanky studio located downtown somewhere, so shows like this past Saturday's taping of St. Vincent are a dying breed. I will hate to see the studio move, but the city is changing and it really hasn't come as a surprise. At least more people can get in now...

Anyway, the experience of attending an ACL taping is something one should have checked off their list of things to do in Austin sooner than later, and with the 35th season's tapings in full-effect, this fall will be a promising one with tapings from bands like Sonic Youth and Beastie Boys. With the studio moving soon, this may be the last chance to catch bands that big in a studio that small. The St. Vincent taping was an interesting one to observe because she does not have the same level of "fame" as many of the other artists who have been taped (not that it matters) but folks were lined up well in advance of the 5 PM start time to pass out the space-available tickets. Some in the line were there because they were excited to see St. Vincent and others were there solely for the experience of the taping. The taping was a treat for all in attendance, although I was personally hoping for more. Yes, I know she is riding the wave of a recently released album, but I am more partial to the dark wit of her first album's songs. The new music has much more depth to it, which is certainly better for a national television audience, but the "old" songs are something else. She did play a couple of oldies, starting the set off with "Marry Me" (which she played twice, once in the encore) and slipping a revamped version of "Your Lips Are Red" in towards the end. With her backing band, the new material from Actor had a full-bodied sound and was better than any of the other backing-band set-ups we've seen her perform with. All in all, the ACL taping experience was highly enjoyable and one not to be missed (St. Vincent was good too...).

Friday, June 19, 2009

This Weekend : Lots of Music!

(photo: Kevin Vandivier)

This weekend has a few good offerings as far as live music goes in our fair city (which you know we tend to enjoy) and we are here to help you narrow down your choices. Here's what we suggest:

- St. Vincent @ Waterloo Records, 3PM
- Screeching Weasel and others @ Emo's (outside)
- Telepathe, Lemonade, and Motel Aviv @ Emo's (inside)
- St. Vincent and Pattern is Movement @ Mohawk

- Sunset Rubdown, Elfin Saddle, and Witchies @ Mohawk
- St Vincent @ KLRU's ACL Studios (Official ACL Taping)
-Tickets for the show are already all given away, to my knowledge, but you may be able to find some at the taping itself.

Suggested plan of attack: Check out St. Vincent @ Waterloo this afternoon and skip her show later this evening because she comes to town often. Head over to Emo's inside for Telepathe and then on Saturday, head over to Mohawk for Sunset Rubdown if you aren't already committed to St. Vincent's ACL Taping. Any way you choose to go about it, you should have a good weekend if your time involves any of these suggestions. Have at it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Review & Photos : Crocodiles @ Mohawk

Rain threatened the entire operation, but thanks to Crocodiles' minimal setup, things were switched around and the band ended up going on first inside, not second outside, but we wouldn't have had it any other way. The outside stage might have allowed their sound to escape too quickly and not have the same impact, but the indoor stage let the band shine. Their electronics were trapped with nowhere to go but around your head and into your psyche and Brandon and Charles made quick work of getting things off on the right foot with "Neon Jesus", one of the best songs they have put out and certainly a standout of their set. The band was just loud enough to jar those who had no idea what was coming and to satisfy those who did. The guys are some of the nicest that we have had the pleasure of meeting and are genuinely good at what they do, which makes them that much better.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stream Sunset Rubdown's 'Dragonslayer'

Spencer Krug has already had what some would refer to as a prolific career, but he hasn't begun to go crazy with some crazy concept pieces that are totally out of his previous range or fall off the deep end all together like some may have done if they were in his place. Luckily for you, you can hear his band's latest effort with one of his three bands, Sunset Rubdown, entitled Dragonslayer (out June 23rd), thanks to NPR's Exclusive First Listen series. The band will be in town at Mohawk on June 20th and their live show does not disappoint.

This may be the best promotional video for an album ever :

Monday, June 08, 2009

Get Acquainted With : The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower and Crocodiles

Similar to the first edition of Get Acquainted With..., we are focusing on one band that was, and the band that now exists from that dissolved band. This time, we are focusing on The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower and Crocodiles.

The Plot lasted from 2001-2006 and released two full length albums, the best of which was Love in the Fascist Brothel, and highly worth your time. It is chocked full of Nazi references mixed with sexual innuendo and sounds that rivaled any other band of similar genres of the time. After The Plot called it quits in '06, the members of the band went on to work on other projects both together and apart, and Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell eventually went on to form Crocodiles.

The music of Crocodiles is heavily influenced by garage rock and 1960's psychedelia and are a departure from The Plot's punk sounds, but not all departures are a bad thing. It is kind of a rare feat when musicians can play one sound so well and then move on to another project and sound different yet still keep it together to make a good sound, and that's what Crocodiles is for me. The band will be in Austin at Mohawk with Holy Fuck and Woven Bones on June 11th. We caught them at SXSW and they are worth your time as well, so try to make it out.

The Plot playing "Drake the Fake" on their farewell tour in 2006:

Crocodiles : "Neon Jesus"

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tonight : Mika Miko, Strange Boys and others @ Red 7

The doors open at Red 7 at 8 p.m. Get there early and stay late. 

Review & Photos : Animal Collective and Black Dice @ Stubb's

The last time we saw Animal Collective in Austin (in the summer of 2007 at Antone's), tickets for the show sold out a day or two before the show was to take place and you could probably have hassled the door staff to let you in even though it was sold out. For this show, two years and two new albums later, the band sold out Stubb's, a much larger venue, a couple of months prior to the show. What does this say about the band and how far they have come in the past two years? Their last two albums, 2007's Strawberry Jam and this year's Merriweather Post Pavilion, have been their most accessible and have gained a myriad of fans with each release. The crowd at this show was both younger and older than previous times and far more expansive.

This time, the band brought along Black Dice, which was kind of a breathe of fresh air from last time's headache Sir Richard Bishop. That being said, I think that some of those not used to the noisier side of the spectrum walked away from Black Dice's set with a headache. The band started the set with this muddy wall of sound and morphed into a set with samples and more structure and something that the crow could dance to and relate with as "normal music", but only vaguely so. Some went wild, and some had their ears plugged. They are a polarizing band, both live and on record, and that's one thing I like about them.

Animal Collective has seen a dramatic increase in exposure in the past two years, but aren't quite to the point where they have reached mainstream success like several smaller artists have in the past couple of years. I don't often see bands that get applause by playing the first few notes of a song, but that happens with Animal Collective now. They have been playing the songs from MPP for two years now and a good deal of the people who listen to the band have a thorough knowledge of the album, probably more so than the band's back catalogue. The band ran through a good number of songs from the album and several of the songs garnered large amounts of applause from the crowd when they were able to recognize what the next song would be from the muddled outro of the previous song. The lighting was the perfect compliment to the instrumentation by the band and the mix of the songs played worked well with each other in a live setting and the band was in top shape in another great live incarnation.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Today : Animal Collective DJ Set @ Waterloo Records

We aren't really sure what this means or if it is even happening for sure, but several sources, including Waterloo Records' Myspace page, claim that Animal Collective will be doing a DJ set in-store today at 5 p.m. A while back, this was just an autograph signing and then it was off, and now it is back on as a DJ set. This could mean that they will actually spin some records or that they could just be there hanging out, so we will see. In any case, this may be your only chance to see these three in person for a while if you don't already have tickets to tonight's super-sold-out show at Stubb's. We will have coverage from the show tomorrow, so stay tuned! (Heads up: head on over to Gorilla Vs. Bear for some great shots from the band's show last night in Dallas)

Update: Via the store's Twitter : "Animal Collective will be at the store at 5 p.m. today to hang out, sign some rekkids, and listen to some music. Come on down!". There you have it folks! They will be in the store, but it doesn't seem like there will be much action.  

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stream Dirty Projectors' 'Bitte Orca' + Just Announced Austin Date

We've been waiting for the new Dirty Projectors album for quite some time now, and it has finally graced the internet in its entirety. As part of NPR's Exclusive First Listen series, the public radio giants are streaming Bitte Orca in its entirety over at their site. What more could you ask for from something you always listen to but never have gotten around to donating money to when those annoying drives come around? The album is worth a listen, and you can even get it on cassette

The band is also now set to play here in Austin on July 15th at Red 7. Sounds like a good night to me.