Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat/Dischord Records Selling Items on Ebay

You know I wouldn't be posting about this if he was selling Gap sweaters or something, so it must be good. You're right. Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat and Dischord Records fame is selling a ton of items on Ebay from his collection of odds and ends (mostly fliers and rare records) that, according to him, people have been calling "too big and insane, or more than my potential kids or grandkids will ever want". I can say with 100% certainty that if I were his kid or grandkid, I would want it all, but I'm not, and I still do... Anyway, Nelson is offering some of the greatest items from his collection (I'm sure he has multiples) including the first pressing of Minor Threat's second 7", In My Eyes, one of only 125 copies ever made on red vinyl. He says he's never played it and it is in pristine condition, so if you have more than $600 to blow (that's where the bidding currently is) then pick it up and enjoy your piece of history. Nelson has included whatever he can conjure up about the specific items from his journal entires of the time, especially with the fliers he is posting for sale. In one, he goes on and on about pizza and it is pretty fantastic. Here's my favorite (besides the record)

Minor Threat : Out of Step (video): (Notice Jeff Nelson's Big Boys shirt at the :46 second mark)

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