Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Xiu Xiu (Related) Videos : White Nerd & Jamie Stewart's Solo Tour

There isn't really anyone out there in the blog-world that has quite the affinity for Xiu Xiu that we do, but we're okay with that. The band has a new video, directed by Corey Smith, for the song "White Nerd" from their latest album Women As Lovers. I have my theories as to where this footage came from, but I am not sure, so I won't be that guy. 

"White Nerd":

Also, Jamie Stewart will be in town on his solo tour and we couldn't be more excited about the whole thing. I really wish I had all of this week free of obligation so I could just absorb the feelings. Anyway, here are a few videos from the tour:

"Fabulous Muscles":


"Ceremony" (Joy Division/New Order Cover):

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