Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Grizzly Life's Guide to a Free SXSW : More Money More Problems, No Money No Problems

The Grizzly Life's Guide to a Free SXSW
The past two years of SXSW coverage have been relatively easy for us with accommodating rides, wristbands for access to the official showcases, and an overall ease of things, but this year is all different. We aren't going to have the luxuries of previous years, but this year seems like it is going to be more fun thanks to the challenges we are being presented with. I will be biking from my apartment to the venues everyday which means free transportation and with no expensive piece of plastic around my neck or wrist, I'm going to have to work around the big name showcases and catch all the free stuff, which isn't going to be much work at all (we'll see how I feel about that statement after SXSW week is over). To help you out in your quest for all the best free shows at SXSW, we have (with the convenient help of Showlist Austin) compiled our personal favorites in a handy PDF for your downloading and deciphering pleasure. 

Download the PDF here : The Grizzly Life's Guide to a Free SXSW (you may have to skip an advertisement, and the link is located at the bottom of page)

(p.s. Since the festival is still about a week and a half away, we will be updating the listing when we get updates, so let us know if you see anything we haven't covered)


Joseph said...

This is awesome.

SC1 said...

Great guide, thanks!