Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Telepathe Video : So Fine

We aren't too into telling you what you should be listening to, namely because there are tons of other blogs out there you probably get that from anyway, but we can make exceptions. Telepathe is destined to become a hipster staple, but you can get to them before they do if you know what I mean. These Brooklyn girls play catchy synth-laden pop tunes, but I personally like them more than the average synth-laden pop band, and you probably will too. They are pretty good live too

In any case, here's the video for the band's song "So Fine", from their release Dance Mother, which is already out on iTunes and will see the physical light of day on March 10. Hopefully this will be a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy Austin afternoon. 

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mooney said...

hey GL...nice vid post. I want to send you a video. How can I get in touch? my email is mooneywork@gmail.com