Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review & Photos : Zach Hill @ Mohawk

After a lot of shows there's often this buzz of sweet little adjectives and smiles but after Zach Hill ripped apart Mohawk with his 30+ minute performance of "Necromancer", there wasn't quite that sweet sentimentality in the crowd. There was more of a sense of "Oh my god. What the hell was that?". If anyone present at last night's performance ever sees another solo drum performance that tops that one, please let us know because we'd like to hear about it and compare notes.

Hill's performance was so intense that he would at times have to hop up a little bit off his seat to keep up with the pace he was setting for himself, and when he lurched forward it felt as if he was going to be in the crowd at any second. At one point, his feet were pounding the bass drum so fast, they could have easily been confused with his hands. He played to the backing track of Necromancer off his iPod with a little bit of Marnie Stern in there, and he played the song to match the iPod (with varying bits of improvisation here and there I'm sure). The thing that makes this one so special, besides the fact that he's one of the best drummers of our time, is that we don't often get to see someone performing their speciality on their own. Sure, Hill is just as good when he's playing with someone else, but when he's paying by himself, you just get him. The true testament to how hard he played, besides how technically outstanding it was, fell on the amount of perspiration the guy had during his performance. He literally looked like he had just stepped out a swimming pool when he stood up at the end of the performance. (On another note: Hill is such a nice guy. He's intense onstage, but he really is a nice guy)

Zach Hill 3

Zach Hill 6

Zach Hill 8

Zach Hill 9

Zach Hill 13

Zach Hill 14

Zach Hill 16

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Zach Hill 24

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hellanick said...

that was one of the best experiences of my life
i loved seeing the faces of those people who were actually there to see subtle and had never heard of zach hill ha.
but it was nice meetin you guys too i was the one who had to jot your name down on a notepad, i eventually got to it ;P
great job