Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Review & Photos : Telepathe and Abe Vigoda @ Emo's

Its not often that a bill is full of acts that are genuinely worth seeing, even on their own, independent from an opening slot for a bigger-billed act, but the exception came on Friday (although we weren't able to cover them all) as the Mad Decent tour stopped through town. Brooklynites Telepathe were an amazingly welcome surprise and the sentiment could be felt all throughout the room as a good number of people went from casually tapping their toes to nodding their heads and actually dancing. The duo plus Boy 8-Bit on guitar, played swelling beats and specialized in lilting vocals. They are certainly worth your time.

To put it bluntly, Abe Vigoda was much better this time around. Last time at The Loft in Dallas, the crowd was kind of dead for the whole night even through all of No Age's set and the show just wasn't very fun. This time there were a larger number of people there to see just them and the crowd seemed to be into more this go around. Their mix of surf-inspired guitars and their high doses of West Coast, California inspired tunes were a welcome change from the kind of drudgery you might expect from a band of their nature.

Unfortunately we had to leave early and call it a night due to our early start the next morning for Fun Fun Fun Fest (coverage coming soon, I promise), but we have been told it was quite the evening.

Telepathe 4

Telepathe 5

Telepathe 3

Telepathe 2

Telepathe 1

Abe Vigoda
Abe Vigoda 1

Abe Vigoda 2

Abe Vigoda 3

Abe Vigoda 4

Abe Vigoda 5

Abe Vigoda 6

Abe Vigoda 7

Abe Vigoda 8

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