Friday, November 21, 2008

Review & Photos : Marnie Stern @ Mohawk and Waterloo Records

The facts are simple, Marnie Stern is damn good at what she does, and her live show proves just that. Stern is nearly completely accurate on her guitar playing (when comparing her live performance to the recorded material), and I added the word nearly because I'm sure that there was some slip up in there somewhere, although I couldn't say for sure. Her micro-residency in Austin, which consisted of three shows, two of which we covered but were not able to make it to her surprise Beauty Bar performance, was a needed burst of talent in this city.

At first, I was a little hesitant as to how the show would sound on the inside stage at Mohawk, but the room was a perfect housing for her big sound. It would have been lost outside (and it was too cold) when each note of her guitar playing is as precise as it is. Stern's show at Waterloo Records was probably one of the noisiest they have had and it stopped nearly every casual shopper and forced them to join the actual fans in their head bobbing and smily praises.

Marnie Stern @ Mohawk
Marnie Stern 2

Marnie Stern 3

Marnie Stern 6

Marnie Stern 7

Marnie Stern 8

Marnie Stern 9

Marnie Stern 10

Marnie Stern @ Waterloo Records
Marnie Stern 11

Marnie Stern 12

Marnie Stern 14

Marnie Stern 15

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