Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tonight : Japanther and Best Fwends @ Beerland - TV on the Radio @ Stubbs

Could there be a better way to spend Halloween-eve than seeing some amazing bands? We couldn't say yes. The festivities kick off tonight at Beerland (not 1808 as originally announced) with opening bands Killer Dreamer, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Best Fwends and then finally headliners Japanther. We're not really too sure of the etiquette on Halloween attire at a show the say before the holiday, but if the show runs later than midnight (anticipated) you can always use that as your excuse to dress up as a zombie hotdog or whatever you're going as this year. 

If you're not really into spazzing out or what have you, you can stop on by Stubb's tonight to catch TV on the Radio, touring on the heels of the new album Dear Science, with The Dirtbombs opening. 

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