Saturday, October 18, 2008

Review & Photos : High Places @ Emo's

High Places' performance at Emo's on Wednesday night only reinforces the opinion that the band is so highly underrated. The handful of people that stayed through the onslaught of opening bands were treated to one of the best shows of the year in my opinion (and I will get to the reason why later on in the post).

The lineup was purely local bands with strong friend fan bases who cheered them on as if it were the first time they were seeing them. We aren't really the late night types (which really works to our disadvantage as live music reviewers) and the ridiculous number of openers, the third of which, Moth Fight, acted as if they were the headliners, on top of the later start, just did not make for an enjoyable wait.

In any case, when it finally came time for High Places to take the stage, enthusiasm was still there and those who stuck around to hear and see them were truly treated to the best show in Austin this week, and the best show in Austin in some time. The bands records, their just-released self-titled debut High Places and their previous compilation 03.07-09.07, are truly some of the most refreshingly original releases to come out in quite some time and their self-titled album will find its way into my personal year-end top 5. That being said, this performance added onto the albums a sense of full, robust, room-filling, colorful sound. The band didn't simply reproduce the sounds you hear on the record, but they added onto them in way that most bands can't and don't do. The band proved that their music has to be played loud. This was one of the loudest shows we've seen in a while, and it was appropriately loud, only adding to the beauty of the band's music.

High Places 12

High Places 11

High Places 9

High Places 10

High Places 8

High Places 7

High Places 4

High Places 6

High Places

High Places 16

High Places 13

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High Places 17

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