Monday, September 08, 2008

Third Roll Added, Y/Our Town - Austin mp3 now availible

Roll 3 - 10

I'm taking this time to let you know that the third roll of the Disposable Project film that I received from David Horvitz of Xiu Xiu on tour, is now available for your viewing pleasure on our Flickr site. Follow the link to the set, and the third roll will be the last 27 or so pictures. It features the band hanging out at one of their shows (I am assuming its their Atlanta date) with Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound, browsing through some clothes, and sitting in the car/van. It looks like fun. In any case, they are worth a look. 

In related news, the project that Ches Smith sponsored on the tour, Y/Our Town, has been completed for Austin, and the mp3, featuring a lot of interesting sounds and great precussion by Ches Smith himself, is now up. 

mp3: Y/Our Town - Austin

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