Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Marnie Stern : Shea Stadium

Marnie Stern is brining her finger tapping and near-slam-poetry back on her new record entitled THIS IS IT AND I AM IT AND YOU ARE IT AND SO IS THAT AND HE IS IT AND SHE IS IT AND IT IS IT AND THAT IS THAT, due out October 7th on Kill Rock Stars, and has premiered a new song today. The song, Shea Stadium, isn't too much of a change, but brings a little bit more to the table than some of her previous work (not faulting her or anything, because In Advance of the Broken Arm was great). She's showing off a more melodic side, but not in a 4 part harmony way or anything like that, just as melodic as she could probably get without being good 'ol Marnie Stern. Also, I can only assume that Hella's Zach Hill is back on the drums, and if they don't get your head bobbing, there's something wrong with you. 

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