Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Review & Photos : Mount Eerie @ Mohawk

Not everyone that plays Mohawk's outside stage is necessarily fit to play there, out in the elements, surrounded by the city (which may be contradictory to what I'm about to say), but Phil Elverum, aka Mount Eerie, is. With songs dealing largely with natural elements like wind, grass, and the moon among others, Elverum should be placed out in the elements. A drawback to the setting is that it sits squarely in the city, surrounded by the "hustle and bustle", of modern life, something that Mount Eerie doesn't seem to be about. Despite all that, Elverum put on a captivating performance. The lyrics to his songs instantly draw in the listener and despite the large crowd, it felt like an intimate performance. The ultimate contrast between the natural feel of Mount Eerie and the impending cityscape came when a helicopter flew over from near by Brackenridge Hospital, to which Elverum stated "You guys must be used to that huh?", and continued on with his song. He dipped and pirouetted between strums, playing in his sandals, rolled up jeans, and what I can only assume was a home-made shirt, and nothing seemed put on. He is intensely genuine. The crowd shouted out the names of his songs from his extensive catalogue throughout the performance and he politely played one, claiming that he might not remember the lyrics, and upon further requests, told the crowd that he had a set list written down and implied that he didn't really want to delineate from it. A good number of people left after Mount Eerie (while an equal number of people came in) including myself (although I wanted to stay for Why?), and left feeling very satisfied.

Mount Eerie
Mount Eerie 1

Mount Eerie 6

Mount Eerie 7

Mount Eerie 2

Mount Eerie 3

Mount Eerie 4

Mount Eerie 5

Mount Eerie 8

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