Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bonus #3: Xiu Xiu / David Horvitz Disposable Camera Project

Roll 2 - 3

At many points in my life, I have thought "OH only to be a fly on the wall...". With musicians, namely Xiu Xiu, the thought has come up on several different occasions, and now, I can kind of live the dream. At the Austin show we caught, we dropped off several disposable camera's with Xiu Xiu's resident documentarian David Horvitz, and a week or so later, our cameras were sent back to us, fully exposed. 27 photos apiece (give or take a couple) for several cameras, resulted in a no-holds-barred sort of account of the everyday life accompanied with traveling on the road and playing music night after night. Its the stuff that happens in between: the mundane trips to JC Penny, the gas fill-ups, the restaurants, the bathroom breaks, and the naps in the van, that are worth the most (or least, depending on which side you're on). All of those instances and several more, including encounters with Deerhunter / Atlas Sound frontman Bradford Cox, Guitar Center outings, and more. 

Two rolls of film have already been scanned and uploaded to our Flickr, so follow the link to the page. The third roll will be uploaded shortly, and I will edit this post when it is up. 

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