Friday, September 26, 2008

Tomorrow @ Mohawk : Sunset Rubdown

Although the show has nothing to do with ACL, it still deserves your attention, although I am predicting it will be a light crowd due to the festivities. Anyway, Spencer Krug has been hard at work touring the country this summer, and his work isn't over. First, with Wolf Parade and now with Sunset Rubdown. If their performances earlier on in the summer left you wanting more of his unique voice and keyboard skills, then wait no longer. Tomorrow night the band will be performing at Mohawk for your viewing and hearing pleasures. Check the poster for details:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Deerhoof Video : Fresh Born

Deerhoof's new album Offend Maggie may be a departure from what they have been doing in recent times, but that isn't to say that it isn't just as good. And it is. Their music has evolved from their own styles in the past, but on Offend Maggie, the band takes inspiration from throwback sounds and spins them in only the way they can. 

While Fresh Born isn't really the departure I mentioned, it is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The video for the song starts off with Deerhoof impersonators playing Basketball Get Your Groove Back (also on the new album) and evolves into the band playing Fresh Born in a studio with a psychedelic backdrop. The band plays their instruments in a very 1960's slapstick style and dancing on their heels and toes. It's pretty entertaining and the song is slick.

Offend Maggie is out October 7, on Kill Rock Stars.

This years ACL After-Shows

Austin City Limits, also know as the biggest weekend for music in Austin since March, kicks off tomorrow! Unfortunately (well maybe not...) we won't be wading through the hipsters, dude-bros, and old people to bring you the best ACL coverage around. We are missing out this year, but that doesn't mean we can't partake in a little bit of after-show goodness. This year is probably better than those in recent memory for those who like the intimate side of things. Here's our picks:

Thursday, September 25
David Byrne - Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno @ The Paramount Theater

Saturday, September 27
Jose Gonzalez @ Emo's (inside)

Man Man and Okkervil River @ Emo's (outside)

Sunday, September 28
M. Ward, Jenny Lewis, and Conor Oberst @ La Zona Rosa

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Deerhoof : Offend Maggie

There's been a lot of talk about how this new Deerhoof sounds a lot different and is somewhat unexpected, but why should we expect something of the same from the band? We shouldn't, and Offend Maggie is a great example of how versatile the band is, and will continue to be. The track is a softer take on things, and is both beautiful and fun to listen to. The track lends its name to their upcoming album, which is split into two parts (maybe that means a gatefold, 2 lp version...?) of fourteen tracks total, and is guaranteed to be one of the best albums of the year. 
The first 500 pre-orders  of the album will come with the sheet music to the entire album and will come saddle-stitched. How awesome is that? Get it over at Kill Rock Stars now!

Bonus: Deerhoof : The Tears and Music of Love from Offend Maggie (live)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tonight: Mogwai and Fuck Buttons @ Stubb's and Evangelicals @ Beauty Bar

Austinistes have an couple of choices to make this Friday night worth talking about next week, and if you aren't hunkering down for hurricane Ike (which you probably shouldn't be...) then you might want out and enjoy the wonderful music that Austin attracts. 

First up: Stubb's will be hosting two instrumental UK bands (what a coincidence) that go by the names of Mogwai and Fuck Buttons. Fuck Buttons will go ahead and satisfy your noise-tooth (right next to the sweet one), and Mogwai will lull you into unconsciousness when they have finished. 

Secondly: Despite the change in venue (from Mohawk inside to Beauty Bar), Oklahoma natives Evangelicals will still be in Austin tonight, in case you were looking for a more intimate show.

The choices are yours. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Review & Photos : Mount Eerie @ Mohawk

Not everyone that plays Mohawk's outside stage is necessarily fit to play there, out in the elements, surrounded by the city (which may be contradictory to what I'm about to say), but Phil Elverum, aka Mount Eerie, is. With songs dealing largely with natural elements like wind, grass, and the moon among others, Elverum should be placed out in the elements. A drawback to the setting is that it sits squarely in the city, surrounded by the "hustle and bustle", of modern life, something that Mount Eerie doesn't seem to be about. Despite all that, Elverum put on a captivating performance. The lyrics to his songs instantly draw in the listener and despite the large crowd, it felt like an intimate performance. The ultimate contrast between the natural feel of Mount Eerie and the impending cityscape came when a helicopter flew over from near by Brackenridge Hospital, to which Elverum stated "You guys must be used to that huh?", and continued on with his song. He dipped and pirouetted between strums, playing in his sandals, rolled up jeans, and what I can only assume was a home-made shirt, and nothing seemed put on. He is intensely genuine. The crowd shouted out the names of his songs from his extensive catalogue throughout the performance and he politely played one, claiming that he might not remember the lyrics, and upon further requests, told the crowd that he had a set list written down and implied that he didn't really want to delineate from it. A good number of people left after Mount Eerie (while an equal number of people came in) including myself (although I wanted to stay for Why?), and left feeling very satisfied.

Mount Eerie
Mount Eerie 1

Mount Eerie 6

Mount Eerie 7

Mount Eerie 2

Mount Eerie 3

Mount Eerie 4

Mount Eerie 5

Mount Eerie 8

Monday, September 08, 2008

Tonight @ Mohawk : Mount Eerie and Why?

Tonight Austin will be graced by the great music that is Phil Elevrum aka Mount Eerie and the guys in Why?. It isn't often that the opener could hold a stage all on their own, but tonight's show will be one of those rare occasions. Mount Eerie will start the show off nicely, and we will be weened into the mood of the evening by the time Why? takes the stage. Tonight will not disappoint, and we will be there covering, thus bringing it all back here to share with you. How about that? It all happens at Mohawk around 9, for a measly $8.00 (prices tend to go up a dollar or two at the door, but still (!))

Third Roll Added, Y/Our Town - Austin mp3 now availible

Roll 3 - 10

I'm taking this time to let you know that the third roll of the Disposable Project film that I received from David Horvitz of Xiu Xiu on tour, is now available for your viewing pleasure on our Flickr site. Follow the link to the set, and the third roll will be the last 27 or so pictures. It features the band hanging out at one of their shows (I am assuming its their Atlanta date) with Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound, browsing through some clothes, and sitting in the car/van. It looks like fun. In any case, they are worth a look. 

In related news, the project that Ches Smith sponsored on the tour, Y/Our Town, has been completed for Austin, and the mp3, featuring a lot of interesting sounds and great precussion by Ches Smith himself, is now up. 

mp3: Y/Our Town - Austin

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bonus #3: Xiu Xiu / David Horvitz Disposable Camera Project

Roll 2 - 3

At many points in my life, I have thought "OH only to be a fly on the wall...". With musicians, namely Xiu Xiu, the thought has come up on several different occasions, and now, I can kind of live the dream. At the Austin show we caught, we dropped off several disposable camera's with Xiu Xiu's resident documentarian David Horvitz, and a week or so later, our cameras were sent back to us, fully exposed. 27 photos apiece (give or take a couple) for several cameras, resulted in a no-holds-barred sort of account of the everyday life accompanied with traveling on the road and playing music night after night. Its the stuff that happens in between: the mundane trips to JC Penny, the gas fill-ups, the restaurants, the bathroom breaks, and the naps in the van, that are worth the most (or least, depending on which side you're on). All of those instances and several more, including encounters with Deerhunter / Atlas Sound frontman Bradford Cox, Guitar Center outings, and more. 

Two rolls of film have already been scanned and uploaded to our Flickr, so follow the link to the page. The third roll will be uploaded shortly, and I will edit this post when it is up. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Marnie Stern : Shea Stadium

Marnie Stern is brining her finger tapping and near-slam-poetry back on her new record entitled THIS IS IT AND I AM IT AND YOU ARE IT AND SO IS THAT AND HE IS IT AND SHE IS IT AND IT IS IT AND THAT IS THAT, due out October 7th on Kill Rock Stars, and has premiered a new song today. The song, Shea Stadium, isn't too much of a change, but brings a little bit more to the table than some of her previous work (not faulting her or anything, because In Advance of the Broken Arm was great). She's showing off a more melodic side, but not in a 4 part harmony way or anything like that, just as melodic as she could probably get without being good 'ol Marnie Stern. Also, I can only assume that Hella's Zach Hill is back on the drums, and if they don't get your head bobbing, there's something wrong with you. 

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tonight : GZA Performs Liquid Swords at Emo's

A sort of legendary performance will be up for your viewing pleasure tonight at Emo's in the form of Wu-Tang member GZA performing his legendary album Liquid Swords in its entirety. It isn't often that one gets to see an artist play an album from front to back, so this is a must attend for fans of the GZA / Wu-Tang.