Thursday, August 21, 2008

Review & Photos : Xiu Xiu @ Mohawk

Last time we saw Xiu Xiu, they played a small Ft. Worth bar that seemed slightly out of their element, and the crowd had a handful of hardcore followers and the rest were casual listeners who were looking for a show to go to. This time, the show in Austin at Mohawk seemed to be a bit different. The crowd seemed to know more of the music and there wasn't as much of a buzz in between songs (with some exceptions), from those who wanted to get back to the conversations they were having before the songs started playing. There was more of an energy focused at the band (at least at the front) and what they were doing on stage.

Most of Xiu Xiu's material had been reworked to sound vastly different than the previously recorded versions, and it makes sense. It must be terribly stifling to play the same songs, the exact same way for years on end and never changing a thing about them. This time, easily recognizable "classic" Xiu Xiu songs like Fabulous Muscles and Sad Pony Guerilla Girl were all arranged in different, stimulating ways. What better gift to give to an audience than a new look outlook on familiar material? Not everything sounded new, but what was reworked was not disappointing. If another band decided to rearrange their staples, it might come off a little contrived, but not here.

Despite some technical errors (Jamie punched the crap out of his POG pedal. I mean, really.) The band was spot on. One thing I might not have paid much attention to last time around was Ches Smith's drumming (as commanding as it is) because he was in the back of the venue, but this time, he took the place of absent bassist Devin Hoff and really commanded his third of the band. Let's just say the guy was a machine, and not in a stiff, robotic sense. He has so much fluidity and an excellent sense for his sound. It was also good to hear Caralee sing her only solo song Hello From Eau Claire. Jamie's vocals and instrumentation were a dream and one pleasant surprise took place when he brought out the autoharp for Bog People.

The band is a true testament as to what more live shows and musical acts in general should sound and act like.

1. Nieces Pieces
2. 20,000 Deaths for Eidelyn Gonzales, 20,000 Deaths for Jamie Peterson
3. The Leash
4. Pox
5. Hello From Eau Claire
6. Sad Pony Guerilla Girl
7. No Friend Oh!
8. Don Diasco
9. F.T.W.
10. Bunny Gamer
11. Fabulous Muscles
12. Boy Soprano
13. Bog People

Xiu Xiu 12

Xiu Xiu 14

Xiu Xiu 3

Xiu Xiu 4

Xiu Xiu 13

Xiu Xiu 11

Xiu Xiu 15

Xiu Xiu 10

Xiu Xiu 16

Xiu Xiu 7

Xiu Xiu 17

Xiu Xiu 19


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