Monday, August 11, 2008

Xiu Xiu Embrace Photos and Questions On Tour

Jamie Stewart 1
(polaroid by Kayleigh Ingalls)

In their unofficial quest to become the world's most accessible band, Xiu Xiu are allowing their fans to get a little bit closer to them, and peer into life on tour and the mind of their frontman Jamie Stewart. 

First, photographer David Horvitz will be joining the band on tour, and instead of Polaroids, this time he will be taking fans' disposable cameras to record life on tour with the band (or whatever else he sees fit). If you see the band on tour, you can drop off your cameras (and a self addressed, stamped padded-envelope) with Horvitz and have them sent back to you. The good thing about the deal is that unlike Polaroids, you can get as many copies made as you see fit. You can't really go wrong with that deal. 

If you follow the band's blog on their website, you know that Stewart has been posing questions to fans and posting their responses on the blog for all to see. Well this time, its (y)our turn to ask the questions and get inside Stewart's head. He's calling it the "Question of the Tour" this is how it works:

You think up the questions and write them down, placing them in a self addressed, stamped envelope and give them to Stewart (or any other band member) at your local show (ours is on August 20th here in Austin at Mohawk). Stewart will answer them while on tour and mail them back to you. Anything goes, so this should be fun. 

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