Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tonight : My Morning Jacket and Nas

Tonight finds Austin with a couple of options on the table.

Option number one finds My Morning Jacket, a band that seems to be getting bigger by the minute, playing a big venue (Stubb's) to a big sold out crowd. If you didn't get your tickets in time, maybe you could sit behind Stubb's and put that distance-listening device you bought from the infomercial to good use?

Option number two find Nas, a rapper who has already been big and riding on the heels of a newly released, controversial album, playing a small venue (Emo's) to a small crowd (compared to that at Stubb's), giving an intimate performance to lucky fans. I don't think this one is sold out yet, but it's sure to be jam packed. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe Nas will join MMJ on stage like Erykah Badu did.

Trent said...

haha wouldn't that be something.