Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bonus #2 : Xiu Xiu "Question of the Tour" Answers

When Xiu Xiu has a tour-based project, we take them up on their offer. This time, we have the answers to our questions, written mostly to Jamie Stewart (1 to Caralee McElroy) to gain insight into the minds of one of our favorite bands out there. I will not post the text to the answers here, because it is far more exciting to read from actual handwriting, so head on over to The Grizzly Life's Flickr account to catch the set in it's entirety. 

One of my personal favorites, I asked Jamie to draw me a picture, and this is what I received:

Questions for Jamie 19


The Pensees said...

This has been my favorite post/activity on the Grizzly Life, yet.

Trent said...

hah thanks brother. I love Xiu Xiu so much so these are things I will have forever.