Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Review & Photos : No Age @ Good Records and The Loft

Two No Age shows in one day is enough to make any fan giddy with excitement, and that is exactly how I felt to know that the band was playing both an in-store at Good Records and a full set at The Loft on Monday.

Despite being an hour late due to unknown reasons, the crowd still stuck around in respectable numbers to see No Age play their second in-store at Good Records. Last time, the band was lesser known, but this time, due to a greater amount of press and a recent MTV appearance, the crowd seemed more aware, complete with two sorority looking girls, which stop me if I'm wrong, aren't really the type... I could be off base but I think I'm right. Anyway, the band played a good amount of material from their Sub Pop debut Nouns plus several older tunes. Dean and Randy where charming as expected and pleased the crowd with both their music and their humor. As is the case with in-stores, no one really got down, but that didn't mean that people weren't enjoying themselves. Smiles where abundant and the buzz after the last notes was a good sign.

The show at The Loft, opened by somber noise maker Infinite Body, had quite a laid back feel which seems to be a common thread among shows at The Loft. The audience stayed confined to the lounge areas and the patio until the next act took the stage, because the number of people in attendance on a Monday night was low enough to where one would be guaranteed a decent spot, at least until Abe Vigoda was finished with their set. I was surprised how many people were there to see Abe Vigoda specifically. They sold a good number of shirts and records before they even played and the crowd seemed to know their material and enjoyed listening to it.

The crowd for No Age can be best described as comatose. It would be my guess that Dallas had a case of the Mondays and just decided to not show up with their game faces on. Dean in particular took notice of the stiff bunch set before the band and attempted to get the audience riled up at several different times in their set. The music certainly wasn't the issue because No Age played an on-point set once they hurdled a couple of "technical difficulties" after the first couple of songs. The set was punctuated with the instrumental bits from Nouns, which Dean described as "reflective moments" and also served as "question and answer" time where people asked questions like "What did Pete Wentz smell like?", to which Dean and Randy jokingly replied "Money!". It is unfortunate that the crowd didn't reach the momentum that the music should have given them until the final song of their set Everybody's Down, when the band
finally got some feedback from the crowd who decided to go out with a fit of shoves.


No Age @ Good Records

No Age @ Good Records 2

No Age @ Good Records 7

No Age @ Good Records 4

No Age @ Good Records 5

No Age @ Good Records 6

No Age @ Good Records 3

No Age @ Good Records 8

No Age @ Good Records 1

Infinite Body @ The Loft
Infinite Body at The Loft

Abe Vigoda @ The Loft
Abe Vigoda at The Loft 1

Abe Vigoda at The Loft 2

No Age @ The Loft
No Age at The Loft 1

No Age at The Loft 2

No Age at The Loft 3

No Age at The Loft 4

No Age at The Loft 5

No Age at The Loft 6

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