Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Review & Photos : Fuck Yeah Tour @ Mohawk in Austin

By all accounts, the Austin stop on the Fuck Yeah Tour lived up to its name. By the end of the night, headliners Matt and Kim had the audience shouting the phrase several times, and all of the acts who took the stage had the audience very captivated and actively involved, which seems to be a hard thing to accomplish these days.

Crystal Antlers, who joined the tour on the Austin date, seemed to be the big surprise of the night. Most people who mentioned them enjoyed what they were playing, but there weren't too many people there at the time, so it could be a toss up. My thoughts: they were good, but not what I had come to the show for. (I bet their recorded material is worth listening to)

Next up on the bill (minus the comedy that we didn't see) was Team Robespierre. Hailing from Brooklyn, this four-piece played on the floor and had everyone dancing. What more could one really ask for? Not only were they a whole lot of fun, they also weren't that bad. Sometimes, you can still dance along even if the band isn't all that great, but that wasn't the case for this one.

The next band to grace the floor of Mohawk was a favorite of ours, The Death Set. Unlike the last time we saw the band in Dallas, Death Set fans were out in droves and nearly everyone close to the band knew the words to just about every song in the set, which was full of the best songs on the band's most recent release, Worldwide. Each time we see them, they get better and better.

This was my first time seeing Matt and Kim, but I knew what to expect from videos online and what I've heard from several people. Their recorded material doesn't lend itself to as much action as their live show does, and both should definitely be experienced. The duo is all smiles and possibly the cutest out there. How is it that two people can be so happy? I guess with the turnout that seems to come in droves, much like the show in question, could make them so happy. Thanks to a broken keyboard, Matt and Kim were forced to play Lightspeed, which Matt claimed they never do, so that was quite the treat. We're really looking forward to seeing them again and hearing their new material.

(I got the chance to meet the official photographer and all around amazing guy Todd Seelie at the show and though he hasn't posted pictures from our date yet, you should definitely check out his blog for tons of coverage from the previous dates on the tour.)

Matt and Kim
Matt 1

Matt 2

Kim 2

Kim 3

Matt 3

Kim 4

Matt 4

Matt 5

Matt 6

Matt Surfing

The Death Set
Johnny 1

Johnny and Peter 1

Johnny and Peter 2

Jahphet 1

Peter 1

Johnny 2

Johnny 3

Team Robespierre
Team Robespierre 1

Team Robespierre 2

Team Robespierre 3

Team Robespierre 4

Crystal Antlers
Crystal Antlers 2

Crystal Antlers 1

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