Saturday, June 21, 2008

David Horvitz Xiu Xiu / High Places 7" Split Available for Order Now

Friend of both Xiu Xiu and High Places, Mr. David Horvitz has been taking polaroids for the past 10 months or so, according to him, around LA and New York for the upcoming split 7" from both bands. The vinyl comes in an addition of 1,000, each with an original polaroid, shot by Horvitz for the release. The split seems to contain songs that have been previously unreleased with a song called Kitten Revolution by Xiu Xiu and Oceanus by High Places. And, there are apparently some releases that will be pressed on white vinyl as well. 

Horvitz claims that if you choose to order from him, you will receive the best polaroids, so order ASAP, as he has 50 to sell. Follow this link to order. Those ordered now will ship by July 27th. 

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