Saturday, May 03, 2008

Review & Photos : The Death Set @ Good Records and The Loft

Baltimore/Brooklyn/Gold Coast, Australia natives The Death Set played two fun yet underwhelming (thanks to the lack of support) performances on Thursday, May 1st. The first performance was the band's first stateside in-store show, and probably the loudest one that Good Records has seen. Both sets included favorite songs like Intermission, Zombie, Negative Thinking, Impossible, and Around the World, all of which can be found on the band's first full length entitled Worldwide, which was just released by Ninja Tune on April 22.

The Death Set's material transfers like a carbon copy into the live setting, along with samplings from artists like Salt-n-Pepa and The Jackson Five. In their native Baltimore or Brooklyn, the band's shows are wild and intense (much like the one we caught at SXSW), but they haven't garnered quite the same amount of attention here in Dallas, but folks will catch on eventually. At The Loft, they chose to dodge the stage and joined the crowd on the floor, where they played to a handful of people who seemed to enjoy what they were seeing and hearing. Lead singer/guitar player Johnny Siera hung from the metal structure that held The Loft's new (I've never seen them before?) set of disco balls. The dual drumming heightened the intensity several fold and guitarist and all-around-great-guy Peter O'Connell told some hilarious jokes that I will be using from now on. He also seems to take quite the liking to Ed Hardy and probably wished he had been downstairs in the Palladium... After their set-ending Nirvana cover, the band trashed all their gear, in what seemed like a fitting tribute.

You need to keep an eye on these guys!

Dallas's own Parade of Flesh was at both shows taping so we should have some video posted soon!

(p.s. big thanks to Jonathan at Ninja Tune and the band for being so hospitable, and Good Records for letting us host the show!)

The Death Set @ Good Records
The Death Set 1

The Death Set 2

The Death Set 3

The Death Set 4

The Death Set 5

The Death Set 6
The Death Set @ The Loft
The Death Set 7

The Death Set 8

The Death Set 9

The Death Set 10

The Death Set 11

The Death Set 12

The Death Set 13

The Death Set 14

The Death Set 15

The Death Set 16

The Death Set 17

The Death Set 18

The Death Set 19

The Death Set 20

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