Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tomorrow! The Grizzly Life and Good Records Present The Death Set

The Death Set In-Store Flier

I know we've been pushing this one a lot lately, but we're really ramped up about it and you should be too! This will be one that you will regret not coming to if you don't, so don't let that happen! Seeing as how some of you might not know The Death Set  too well, we'll leave you with a couple of videos that we've been playing over and over again. 

This first one is the band's electronic press kit that features some live performance and interview footage that is extremely enjoyable. It'll give you a little taste for what the band's show is like (including the one we caught at SXSW at Ms. Bea's).

This one is the band's official video for their song Negative Thinking, directed by Danny Baxter

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Anonymous said...

This show is gonna smoke! If I had a couple of dozen hours to spare, I'd drive down for this one. The Death Set is money!!