Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dallas Has Tough Choices Next Week!

There's always some weeks where a bunch of bands are converging on the city at seemingly the same time, and next week just so happens to be one of those times. Here are some of the choices that you will be faced with next week!

Monday 4/28
Fuck Buttons @ Good Records
Fuck Buttons Poster

Fuck Buttons / Caribou @ The Loft
After you hit up that in-store that we designed the poster for (toot toot), grab some dinner and then head on over to the Loft for another performance by Fuck Buttons (you probably might not be able to handle two, but give it a shot), followed by Caribou, whose 2007 album Andorra made our year end list.

Tuesday 4/29
Man Man / Yeasayer @ The Loft

Thursday 5/1
The Death Set @ Good Records presented by The Grizzly Life!
Need we say more?!? The Death Set have just released their first LP, Worldwide, and it is full of short spurts of spastic songs that are guaranteed to be 100 times more intense live. When we saw them back at SXSW, we left the show sweatier and happier than we arrived. We hope that a ton of you show up because the more the merrier. Trust us!

The Death Set In-Store Flier

The Death Set / Bonde Do Role @ The Loft
So Friday night might be your day to go out and party, but make it a Thursday for once. This one is going to be an epic show that might just break the Loft's floor (again). The Death Set opening for Bonde Do Role? How could you go wrong?

Friday 5/2
Holy Fuck / MIA @ The Palladium Ballroom
So you decided to stay in on Thursday night and now you're ready to go out! Well, look no further than the Palladium for your Friday night out with the ever-bombastic MIA, with buzz band Holy Fuck opening.

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