Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tomorrow! The Grizzly Life and Good Records Present The Death Set

The Death Set In-Store Flier

I know we've been pushing this one a lot lately, but we're really ramped up about it and you should be too! This will be one that you will regret not coming to if you don't, so don't let that happen! Seeing as how some of you might not know The Death Set  too well, we'll leave you with a couple of videos that we've been playing over and over again. 

This first one is the band's electronic press kit that features some live performance and interview footage that is extremely enjoyable. It'll give you a little taste for what the band's show is like (including the one we caught at SXSW at Ms. Bea's).

This one is the band's official video for their song Negative Thinking, directed by Danny Baxter

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dallas Has Tough Choices Next Week!

There's always some weeks where a bunch of bands are converging on the city at seemingly the same time, and next week just so happens to be one of those times. Here are some of the choices that you will be faced with next week!

Monday 4/28
Fuck Buttons @ Good Records
Fuck Buttons Poster

Fuck Buttons / Caribou @ The Loft
After you hit up that in-store that we designed the poster for (toot toot), grab some dinner and then head on over to the Loft for another performance by Fuck Buttons (you probably might not be able to handle two, but give it a shot), followed by Caribou, whose 2007 album Andorra made our year end list.

Tuesday 4/29
Man Man / Yeasayer @ The Loft

Thursday 5/1
The Death Set @ Good Records presented by The Grizzly Life!
Need we say more?!? The Death Set have just released their first LP, Worldwide, and it is full of short spurts of spastic songs that are guaranteed to be 100 times more intense live. When we saw them back at SXSW, we left the show sweatier and happier than we arrived. We hope that a ton of you show up because the more the merrier. Trust us!

The Death Set In-Store Flier

The Death Set / Bonde Do Role @ The Loft
So Friday night might be your day to go out and party, but make it a Thursday for once. This one is going to be an epic show that might just break the Loft's floor (again). The Death Set opening for Bonde Do Role? How could you go wrong?

Friday 5/2
Holy Fuck / MIA @ The Palladium Ballroom
So you decided to stay in on Thursday night and now you're ready to go out! Well, look no further than the Palladium for your Friday night out with the ever-bombastic MIA, with buzz band Holy Fuck opening.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reminder: Record Store Day/Good Records' Birthday!

Before I head out the door to go to this thing, I thought I would remind you about today's festivities with this little poster: 

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cat Power Cancels Dates, Dallas Scratched

So sorry to all of you who were planning on catching Ms. Chan Marshall tomorrow night at the Palladium Ballroom! Cat Power, as she is known, has had to cancel several of her upcoming shows due to a notice from her doctor who is telling her to take it easy on her vocal chords. Don't fret though! While you may not get to see her now, she is apparently working on rescheduling the dates for later in the year. 

(photo by Trent Lesikar)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deerhoof Video: The Perfect Me

That whole Pitchfork TV thing was really hyped and they have finally produced something worth talking about, besides the Xiu Xiu video they had last week or so. This time, it's all about one of our other favorite bands, Deerhoof. They have rolled out a new video for their song The Perfect Me of of their wonderful 2007 record Friend Opportunity. It features the band playing minimal parts over the recording of their song and it will probably be the best few minutes you've spent all day. 

ACL Lineup Revealed

You've probably already come across this today (sorry we couldn't be more punctual) but we wanted to make sure we didn't sleep on the job. This year's Austin City Limits lineup has been revealed, and upon further digestion, this year could be a toss up. For us, like most of you who can't be in 4-5 places at once, the whole thing is kind of riding on the schedule. At any rate, here are some of the standouts that you might enjoy:

Beck, David Byrne, Gnarls Barkley, Erykah Badu, Iron & Wine, Neko Case, Against Me!, Okkervill Riverr, Stars, Jose Gonzales, CSS, M. Ward, and Yeasayer among others. 

Our overall impression: "Eh..."

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well this would have to happen eventually, but the blog has gone through a meltdown! I, the admin of the blog, accidentally deleted my account (long story, but I'm using John's and I switched the author name) and now there is no admin status! Therefore, one cannot look at essential things like the code for the site, and some of the pictures have been misplaced. So, if you aren't seeing everything as clearly as before, just bear with us and check back soon for an overhaul (hopefully). For now, I just need to wait to see if Google is willing to reinstate my account! Oh and if anyone out there knows how to help, please shoot an email to Much appreciated!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Grizzly Life and Good Records Proudly Present... The Death Set!

The Death Set In-Store Flier
We've been working on this one for a while now. It was recently confirmed and we are super psyched to bring The Death Set to Good Records for a little bit of a Thursday night party. We saw the band back at SXSW and they played such an intense show, and we are excited to see how their set will work on the astro-turf at Good Records. So, just read the flier and show up when you are supposed to!

Also, my lovely girlfriend Kayleigh has made an awesome poster for the show and you can see it if you stop by Good Records anytime between tomorrow and the show. She might have some extras so if you ask, you just might receive. 

David Horvitz 7" Picture Discs Available

For the low low price of $55, you can get your hands on an awesome set of 7" picture disc singles by some of the best artists around, like Casiotone for the Painfully AloneSunset RubdownNo AgeParenthetical Girls, and more, along with pictures from photographer David Horvitz. "What's so special about these?", you might ask. Well, in addition to the awesome pictures, the 7"s are super limited to a pressing of just 500 per disc (200 of which are available through the subscription plan). Some of those extra 300 will be available from the bands themselves on tour and the others will be sold at record stores. If one decides to sign up for the subscription plan, you will receive a fresh new single as soon as its released. Get 'em from Aagoo Records while you can!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Records Turns(ed) 8 / Record Store Day

Way back on February 7th, Good Records turned 8 years old, and they need your help. They put their plans off to celebrate their birthday until Record Store Day, and that time has finally come. Next Saturday, April 19th, the store will play host to a bevy of celebrations that coincide with both events. Some of the things going on in the store include: complimentary beverages and food for vegetarians and the "carnivorous type" alike, "special goodies" and t-shirts from some awesome labels like Kill Rock Stars and Matador, the ability to have the Good Records logo branded on anything you'd like (within reason), buttons made from your favorite images, a raffle for some cool stuff, a sale of CDs for $1 in the parking lot, and  goodie bags given away with each purchase. Oh and they will be having some bands in store, for like an hour or so.

In-Store Performances!:
The Theater Fire 11am
Bridges & Blinking Lights 11:30am
Mom Noon
Matthew And The Arrogant Sea 12:30pm
Doug Burr 1pm
Sarah Jaffe 1:30pm
Fishboy 2pm
Mount Righteous 2:30Pm
John Congleton 3pm
Astronautalis 3:30pm
The Baptist Generals 4pm
Robert Gomez 6pm
Red Monroe 6:30pm
Fight Bite 7:30pm
Frogboy 8pm
The Great Tyrant 8:30pm
Jetscreamer 9pm
Record Hop 10pm
Colourmusic 11pm
The Black Angels Midnite  
Emcee: John Freeman aka The Dutch Treats
The Party: Sober, Select, Nature

Friday, April 04, 2008

Review & Photos : Xiu Xiu and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down @ Lola's

Simply stated: This show will go down as one of our favorites of the year and possibly all time (until Xiu Xiu tops themselves, of course).

Xiu Xiu has a knack for picking openers that sprawl all over the musical spectrum, but Thao with the Get Down Stay Down seem to be the most unlike them. When I say that, I don't mean that they were bad (they weren't) but they just didn't seem to fit the bill. Despite that, most enjoyed their performance, which was very much at home in the loved-by-locals bar that is Lola's, playing music that would be... well, most enjoyed the by the local bar crowd. Towards the end of the set, a man who appeared to be the owner of the place, joined the band on stage in an awkward, too-close duet with Thao. In addition to that bit of awkward stage sharing, Ms. Nguyen seemed a little bit... sauced (?), but that didn't stop her from sounding on point.

To get a sense of how good the show was, I will tell you that I have almost been dreading writing about it because it was one of those kinds of shows. Xiu Xiu's set started off with The Air Force's Bishop, CA, which showcased what their setup has become. With percussionist Ches Smith and double bass/bass player Devin Hoff added to the band's permanent live and recording roster, Xiu Xiu's sound has become fuller, but retained its sharp bite. Don't get me wrong, because multi-tasking leader Jamie Stewart and the combination of multi-instrumentalist Caralee McElroy/Stewart has never been one of lesser status, but this setup has just added a new sense to things. The performance ebbed and flowed through moments of harsh, yet refined sounds and moments where the only thing that could be heard next to Stewart's guitar and vocals was the clanking of the bottles being thrown away at the bar. Xiu's set consisted mainly of material off the band's sixth and most recent studio release Women As Lovers, with a few of their classic songs dispersed throughout. The funny thing about a band touring in support of an album that isn't one of their first releases, is that I usually end up being disappointed with the song choice, but with Xiu Xiu, that wasn't the case at all. They played a handful of old songs that everyone who has followed the band would know, and favorite material off the new album (although there aren't and songs to complain about off WAL).

(The Fox and the Rabbit- Soundcheck)
1. Bishop, CA
2. In Lust You Can Hear the Axe Fall
3. Clowne Towne
4. F.T.W.
5. No Friend Oh!
6. Puff and Bunny
7. You Are Pregnant, You Are Dead
8. Save Me Save Me
9. Gayle Lynn
10. I Do What I Want, When I Want
11. Clover
12. Apistat Commander
13. Suha

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down

Xiu Xiu

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Reminder: Xiu Xiu and Thao with the Get Down Stay Down @ Lola's Tonight

(Photo by David Horvitz)

So we've been taking it easy ever since we got that last round of posts up, but we will be back in full effect tonight when we cover Xiu Xiu's performance at Lola's in Ft. Worth. We have yet to see Jamie Stewart and company (it has never worked out!), but our excitement knows no bounds when it comes to this one. After spinning the band's latest record Women As Lovers countless times, we can assure you that you won't want to miss this one. Oh, and don't forget to bring your Pandapple stuff!