Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SXSW Day 3: DeVotchKa, Dr. Dog, High Places, Angelo Spencer, Kimya Dawson, and Tiny Masters of Today

Day 3 brought us back to the wonderful KLRU/ACL studios, where Seattle radio station KEXP played host to DeVotchKa and Dr. Dog, who took the place of the Handsome Furs. DeVotchKa kicked off the afternoon with a late, but well calculated set of songs from their new album A Mad & Faithful Telling, and an older one or two for nostalgia sake. The band was joined by a string quartet that complemented their sound to the nth degree, and it would be hard to imagine seeing them without the addition in tow. 

After one-hit-wonders The Breeders took the stage, the station's announcer mentioned that Dr. Dog would be performing next, without any mention of the Handsome Furs, which lead to some confusion by people stopping by the studio, but our thoughts were "At least they replaced them with someone good". We've seen Dr. Dog three times now, and the band is consistently tight and fun to watch. They also showed their humorous sides when answering questions by the moderator and made the wait worth the while.

After the Merge Showcase didn't work out for us, we headed back to our safe bet Ms. Bea's and caught High Places set. The band just released a compilation of recorded material, 03/07 - 09/07, that we've been spinning frequently, so naturally we wanted to catch their set since our previous plans didn't work out. The band played their hypnotic beats to a crowd of sweaty 20 somethings who are new converts. 

Before his wife took the stage, frenchman Angelo Spencer played a short, yet charming set of his one man band's tunes on the side stage. The Juno fans in the crowd, which comprised most of the front row, were confused by him and probably left scratching their heads. But, the reason that most people were there, was to see Kimya Dawson. Mrs. Dawson played songs from her upcoming children's album Alphabutt that are sure to be enjoyed by everyone, not only the kids. She added a little bit of audience participation into her set when she asked the audience to shout out names of animals and then make the sounds that they do, and later called them "suckers". For the last two songs of her set, she had the Tiny Masters of Today, a band comprised of kids who can actually play their instruments, join her to finish things out. What a way to end the day. Since I thought we would be at the Merge Showcase, I didn't have my camera and I really regret that. Sorry!


Dr. Dog


Tito said...

Great pictures of all the bands. I agree that Tosca should accompany Devotchka on everything they do from now on. It was a perfect fit at these SXSW gigs.

Jim said...

Handsome Furs' equipment was re-routed when they flew in to Austin that day, so they had to cancel. They did manage to get to the Sub Pop showcase that night. Dr. Dog were in the building, fortunately, and were willing to fill in. We were thrilled.


Trent said...

That sucks! But I'm glad that Dr. Dog was there to fill in for them.