Friday, March 21, 2008

The Dodos @ Lola's Saloon

It's always a bit awkward to see bands play to a less than crowded room of people who are too apprehensive to even approach the stage, and that's how Lola's was on Wednesday night when The Dodos played. I'd like to think that the band will catch a huge deal of critical acclaim after people have time to hear their just-released album The Visiter, and I think I'm right. You will all  catch on! 

We've been listening to The Dodos (formerly known as Dodo Bird) since it was just the solo-brainchild of Meric Long, and now the project has now, umm... evolved (pun!), to include percussionist Logan Kroeber. The inclusion of Kroeber has probably been the best decision for Long. Kroeber's precision on the kit was a stand-out of the performance. I thought that maybe the tambourine taped to his foot was merely a way to settle a shaky foot that didn't know what else to do without a kick-drum, but I was wrong. The tambourine was indeed an instrument, just like the toms or snare, and Kroeber used it well. Long, sporting lengthy fingernails put to good use instead of picks for his acoustic guitar, lead the other half of The Dodos with his loops and finger picking. At times, his acoustic sounded like a full-blown electric and he even brought out a trombone for looping, that ended up sounding nothing like one. They did sound a bit out of tune and out of sync at times, but the flaws added a certain amount of character. I think these guys are going to pick up some steam soon.

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