Thursday, February 21, 2008

SXSW Daily Schedule Now Availible

Yes folks, the barrage continues. For the next 25 days or so, you will be hearing a lot from us about SXSW, so I apologize if you aren't going to be headed down to Austin for the festival this year (we will still keep covering what's coming through the area, just at a little slower pace). Anyway, for those of us lucky enough to be there, SXSW looks pretty good this year, and even better now that you can fully plan all of your visits (at least to the official stuff). 
Head on over to this site: to check out all of the showcases. 
Similarly, Yaris and Free Yr Radio have teamed up to provide SXSW goers with the perfect way to plan out their week. On their site devoted to planning it all out, you can check out their multitude of shows (it doesn't have them all, but probably will soon) and add them to a personalized itinerary. Your picks will automatically be added to a map to help you get around and you can save them as a PDF for your convenience. While at the site, you can also plan to have them pick you up at the airport, receive SMS messages on your phone, get mp3s of bands at the festival, and even "Win Yr Way to SXSW 2008". The site is certainly worth a look if you are headed down there, and if you aren't, you can just drool over the schedules. 

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