Monday, February 04, 2008

Holy Fuck and The Fiery Furnaces @ The Granada Theater

As you can tell by the title, we skipped out on Super Furry Animals, but we've never really listened to them and they could not have topped The Fiery Furnaces anyway. Sorry if you're disappointed!

The show was kicked off by Holy Fuck, who did their best to get things started on the right foot. Their performance got a good deal of people to at least stop and sway a little, while some seemed more prone to freaking out. Either way, the band did a fine job of warming the crowd up for The Fiery Furnaces.

If one thing became a little bit clearer after the band's performance, it was that they are not just a brother and sister duo. Yes, Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger do bear most of the weight, but the live sound with ex-Sebadoh bassist Jason Loewenstein and well-bearded drummer Bob D'Amico completes the total package. They played a good deal of the best cuts from 2007's excellent Widow City and various older tracks. Every song had various live tweaks that worked well with their live setup and would make for a great live recording or videos (which someone was recording...). To us, The Fiery Furnaces were the headliners of the night, and with good reason. 

The Fiery Furnaces

All photos by Trent Lesikar and copyright The Grizzly Life 2008

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