Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy Holidays from Super Furry Animals + Dallas Date with The Fiery Furnaces!

Now, I've never listened to Super Furry Animals, but their latest video for their song The Gift That Keeps On Giving from their 2007 LP Hey Venus! is in the spirit of the season, sort of, plus its relavent to their date in Dallas, but more on that in a sec. Stay around until the end... Trust me.

Like I said, I've never listened to SFA, but they will be bringing us a nice little treat in the form of an opening act. They will be bringing The Fiery Furnaces when they stop through Dallas at The Granada Theater on Friday, February 1 of next year. I'm already excited. Just for that. Here's the video for Ex-Guru a song off of their 2007 album Widow City.

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