Sunday, October 21, 2007

Caribou and Born Ruffians at The Loft

Having never been to The Loft, I was in for a surprise. I didn’t really know what to expect, although I knew what it might be like. The venue turned out to be smaller than even the Gypsy Tea Room (R.I.P.), but the intimate setting produced by such close quarters is very welcome after seeing bands play on larger stages for the past few shows.

Born Ruffians were one of the best opening bands that I had seen in a while. I hadn’t ever given them a listen, but after hearing them open, I wanted to get my hands on whatever they had to offer. I still haven’t listened to them so I don’t know how well the live show translates to a recording, but they gave a fun opening to the night. They are also fans of the Nintendo DS, so they scored some points with my girlfriend and me.

Probably the most shocking item of the night was the crowd size for the show. By the time Caribou took the stage, the room was sprinkled with about 35 or so people and everyone had enough room to stretch out. This just proves how terribly underrated the band is, at least in the Dallas area. Dan Snaith led the band with his guitar, vocals, keys, drumming, melodica and plastic horn playing. Every cool element of Caribou’s sound was present. The electronics, dual drumming (which I didn’t know they had until their performance), the old school melodies, and even a crazy projection of hypnotizing, acid trip-esque images that played on the members of the band and a screen behind them for their entire set. Overall, I was truly impressed with the level of musicality that the band put forth. Everyone played with such precision, and the complex dual drum arrangements showcased that perfectly. Those who did not attend truly missed out.

Born Ruffians


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